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    Cellulite is the term used to describe the dimples that appear on skin. The dimpled skin that is referred to as cellulite, can appear on the hips, thighs and buttocks.

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Do you suffer from cellulite?
One of the most common esthetic problems in women is the appearance of cellulite: fat deposits on the hips, thighs and buttocks.

About Cellulite

  • About Cellulite
  • About Cellulite

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a problem which tends to mostly affect women. The dimpled appearance on the skin comes from the pockets of fat that are stored in the connective tissue, which is full of fiber and located just underneath the skin. This layer of skin has a honeycomb layout with little panels where fat is stored. When there is too much fat in one of these little pockets it pushes against the skin and creates the appearance that is commonly referred to as being like cottage cheese. The areas that are affected by cellulite tend to be rounded in shape and have a swollen appearance. When the swelling on the cellulite collapses it will leave wrinkles in the skin.

It is fair to say that cellulite is not as dangerous as obesity. Obesity has the ability to kill someone; however, cellulite cannot do this. Although cellulite is not a deadly condition, it does still create health problems. Cellulite creates unsightly areas on the skin and it can produce a deformity in the lower limbs when the limbs consume a very large amount of cellulite and the ankles and knees almost disappear.

Cellulite increases the amount of pressure on the nerves and this can result in severe pain. All of these problems can create other issues, for examples, these effects on health can get worse at night and this means that the affected people will have trouble sleeping. The lack of sleep will have an effect on the nervous system. When young skin is affected by cellulite it will age the skin rapidly.

Seventy percent of women will have some form of cellulite and this means that it affects seven out of every ten women. These large statistics have meant that there is an increasing number of ways that you are able to treat the problem of cellulite.

Once cellulite appears on your skin, automatic or spontaneous treatment is not possible. It becomes very crucial to start a treatment as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Cellulite

The sign and symptoms of cellulite are very easy to recognize. Cellulite tends to be more common in women as opposed to men. This condition can be recognized by lumpy, uneven skin, which is dimpled. There are certain parts of the body that are more affected than others by cellulite and the problem areas tend to be the buttocks, hips, thighs and stomach. Although these are the most common areas for people to get cellulite, it is also possible to get it on the upper arms, breast, neck and back. The areas of the body that are affected by cellulite are often referred to as having an orange peel or cottage cheese appearance.

Although the appearance of cellulite can be distressing and affect the person's confidence, it does not cause any major health problems. Cellulite is a very common condition and there are a lot of medical professionals who treat it as something normal.

First Signs

In mild cases the dimpling on the skin is only actually noticeable when the skin is compressed or pinched. Other first signs of cellulite include skin getting thicker, the skin being cool to the touch and also blood vessels that are broken.

The symptoms of cellulite are very easy to spot and people are often very quick to notice the changes on their skin. There are a lot of people who are lucky enough to be able to retain soft smooth skin, despite having cellulite; however, other people lose the elasticity of the skin when it becomes affected by cellulite; this will depend on the severity of the cellulite.

Severe Symptoms

Severe Symptoms of Cellulite

In cases that are more severe, cellulite may cause the skin to become more sensitive and more susceptible to bruising. In cases where there is excessive bruising, increased level of sensitivity and other symptoms such as itching, swelling and redness, it could be the signs of something that is more serious.

Severe cellulite can develop in people who are normal or thin, as well as people who are obese or overweight. It is important to not panic when you get cellulite on the skin, as it is not connected to the condition known as cellulitis, which can be a life-threatening condition.

Do you suffer from cellulite?
Cellulite can cause physical and psychological catastrophe with abnormal appearance and severe deformity of the skin, low self-esteem and other psychological complications.

Causes of Cellulite

Cellulite is caused when fatty deposits under the skin accumulate and mix with bodily fluid, before being pushed up against the skin. The bodily fluids that are mixed with these fatty substances are cellular fluid, tissue fluids, organ fluid and blood plasma. The pushing on the skin creates the dimpled effect that is known as cellulite. Due to the different ways that the tissues are distributed around women, they are more prone to this condition. Despite a lot of research, it is still unknown why some people will get cellulite and some people will escape it altogether.


There are a lot of women that develop cellulite during changes of the body weight. The obesity tends to be more severe during pregnancy and the menopause. Women that use contraceptive methods that are hormonal-based, such as the birth control pill, also have an increased risk of getting extra weight and cellulite.


Aging is another thing that can cause cellulite, because as we get older, the skin will lose some of its elasticity. The loss of elasticity in the skin will mean that it will lose its ability to go back to its original shape and size after being compressed or stretched. This loss of elasticity can make the cellulite look worse than it actually is.


Genetics is thought to play a large part in the possibility of someone getting cellulite. Poor circulation and increased sensitivity to hormones are thought to be causes of the condition. Weakness and fluctuation in the tissue of the body: for example, the connective tissue, blood vessels and lymphatic tissue. In some cases the problem of cellulite can be hereditary.

Hormonal levels

Hormonal levels within the body are thought to play a role in the development of cellulite. Estrogen is a hormone that is responsible for both primary female sex characteristics and secondary female sex characteristics. Female sex characteristics include things such as the development of breasts, changes that are associated with menstruation, the lack of facial hair and a higher distribution of fat in the thighs, hips and buttocks. When there is an imbalance of estrogen levels, it can weaken the connective tissue in the body and this will contribute to cellulite.

Luckily, there are techniques to get rid of cellulite.

How to Prevent Cellulite?

Although cellulite is not dangerous to health, it is one of the things that most women dread getting but will get at some point. There are many things that you can do in order to try and reduce the risk of getting cellulite. The first thing that you can do is to undertake some weight training. Aerobic exercise is one of the things that most people will recommend as a way to prevent cellulite, as it is a good way of burning fat.


Start exercising

Weight training really is a very good way to prevent cellulite as it will tone the muscles, whilst increasing the level of circulation within the deep tissues. Increasing the circulation in the tissue will help to prevent cellulite, as it will move the toxins out of the body. Aerobic exercise, which is fast-paced, is a good way of preventing this problem and this exercise can be riding a bike, running or even brisk walking.


Try to avoid sugars and fats

Another way of preventing cellulite is to limit the amount of sugars and fats that are consumed. It is a good idea to eat more nuts, vegetables and fruits as part of your diet. Another food that is worth avoiding, or at least limiting, are foods that are overly processed, as this will allow your body to function better. When your body is able to function better, it will mean that your body weight will be lower and you will have healthier skin.


Reduce alcohol consumption

Reducing the amount of alcohol that you drink and stopping or at least reducing the amount that you smoke can help to prevent cellulite. When you drink and smoke you are really just adding more toxins to your body and these will all add to cause cellulite.

Another good way to prevent the problem of cellulite is to use cellulite treatment products that have been designed to combat this problem.
These products will work best when used in conjunction with the other things that you can do in order to reduce the risk of getting cellulite. It is fair to say that prevention is cheaper and better than cure. These products all contain a number of different ingredients that make it possible for cellulite to be prevented.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite?

There are a number of things that you can do in order to get rid of cellulite and these include removal creams, removal surgery, mesotherapy, treatment pills and also making changes to your lifestyle. It is important to remember that although it is possible to get rid of cellulite, it will take time and it is not going to disappear in a day or even a week.

In some cases it will take as long as one month before any changes are seen with regard the amount of cellulite that you have. Cellulite is really just a build-up of excess fat and this means that it can be burned away through time and hard work.



Mesotherapy is a natural way to treat the problem of cellulite. The treatments that are used in this process tend to be cheaper than the medical options. This form of treatment is concerned with injecting substances such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes into the tissue that is located just beneath the skin. Although this form of treatment may bring a slight improvement in the appearance of the cellulite, it does also carry some side effects.

It is thought that this treatment improves the appearance through the use of complementary mechanisms and the fat is broken down. This form of treatment also prevents new fat molecules from forming. The damaged connective tissue will create a dimple effect on the skin and it is broken down. The advantage of this type of treatment is that there is only a minimum amount of invasiveness; therefore, no recovery time is required. The side effects of this type of treatment include allergies, bruising and also infections.




Laser Cellulite Removal

Laser Cellulite Removal

Laser cellulite removal is a new technology, which attacks the unsightly look on the skin. There are several types of laser treatments that are available; however, they all work on the same principle. This form of treatment uses a low level of laser in order to break down the fat within the affected area. The heat that comes from the laser melts the cells of fat and then they are sucked though the skin or in some cases they are allowed to naturally move through the blood stream.

The area that has been treated is then cooled in order to reduce any swelling and in some cases the area is massaged in order to increase the circulation in the skin. This form of treatment can be an attractive option for a large number of people, as opposed to surgery. The disadvantage of this treatment is that it can be a costly option.




Cellulite Removal Surgery

Cellulite Removal Surgery

Cellulite removal surgery is another option that is available; however, it is not one that is highly recommended, as it tends to be rather expensive and is not always very productive. This form of treatment works by the surgeon slipping an instrument similar to a pickle fork underneath the skin of the patient and they use it to cut the fibrous cords, which is what causes the cellulite. Once they have broken the cords they then inject a little fat in order to discourage the fibers from growing back. This method of treatment is very expensive and it carries a lot of risk.

Liposuction is the most common type of cellulite surgical removal. This form of treatment reduces the cellulite and tones the body. This surgical procedure is concerned with the removal of fat from under the skin; however, it actually does not remove the underlying areas of fat, which are the ones that are responsible for the cellulite. If this treatment is carried out on the lower layers of the skin, there are some side effects that could be experienced and these include swelling, bleeding and also scarring.




Cellulite Removal Creams

Cellulite Removal Creams

Nowadays there are a vast number of different cellulite removal creams that are available. These removal creams are available in the form of both creams and scrubs. The best type of use will greatly depend on your own personal preference. These creams are good for quickly improving the skin; however, they only actually provide a temporary effect. There are some harsh scrubs that are available, and although these are good for removing cellulite, there can also be some side effects of using them.

When all factors are taken into account: such as the effectiveness and the cost, it is fair to say that the cellulite cream would be amongst the best. A lot of these creams promise to melt away inches from your buttocks and thighs whilst firming the skin. It can be very hard knowing which cream to use and in most cases it is very much a case of trial and error until you find the one that works best for you.




Cellulite Treatment Pills

There is also a vast array of different cellulite treatment pills. The pills to treat cellulite are probably one of the best options, as this form of treatment actually treats the underlying cause for the cellulite. Most of the cellulite treatment pills that are available have been tested and have proven to be natural and safe to take, whilst still achieving good results. Some of the pills that are available will remove the cellulite and also improve the appearance of the skin. Research has shown that these pills can make a difference in as little as eight weeks.

These pills tend to be very popular amongst people who are suffering with cellulite; medical professionals and scientists also tend to recommend them and benefits that they are able to deliver. This form of treatment is amongst the safest ways to treat cellulite and it is also one of the cheapest options.




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According to scientific studies:
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Clinical Studies

There has been a lot of research carried out into the various cellulite treatments that are available. The scientists at the University of Siena, in Italy have conducted a three-month study into the effectiveness of the cellulite treatment pills in 2014. The results of this study have found that the thigh circumference was reduced by an average of about three and a half percent, up to just under ten percent. The abdomen was reduced by an average of about four percent, to about eleven percent.

These results were gathered from a group of women who took the supplements during a clinical trial. Almost sixty nine percent of the people who took the trial reported seeing a difference within thirty days and about ninety six percent reported results within forty-seven days.

Clinical Studies

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